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The medical subspecialty concerned with the diagnostic radiology of illnesses of the central anxious technique, head, and neck.

A variation of common magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This diagnostic imaging technique measures the concentration of metabolites, which are produced by chemical reactions during the brain along with other regions of your body, and displays the outcome being a graph.

A transparent, transparent, often faintly yellow and a little bit opalescent fluid which is gathered from your tissues all over the overall body, flows from the lymphatic vessels (in the lymph nodes), and it is inevitably extra for the venous blood circulation.

An irregular relationship involving an artery in addition to a vein. This may be surgically made for hemodialysis (see dialysis arteriovenous fistula) but can even be due to trauma. These fistulas can typically be taken care of by interventional radiologists.

Visual assessment from the internal surface of your colon by way of a lighted, flexible tubular instrument inserted to the colon through the rectum.

A ailment involving the narrowing of the coronary arteries that carry blood and oxygen to the guts muscle mass.

A surgically established relationship among an artery and vein during the arm of clients who have to bear hemodialysis, a procedure through which blood is removed from the human body, cleansed and after that returned to the body.

Inside from the appendix wherever mucus, developed from the appendix, travels and Read More From Their Site empties into the massive intestines.

Reduction in bone mineral density to beneath-usual degrees; the first phase of bone loss; an early-warning indication pointing to a heightened risk of establishing total-blown osteoporosis.

Cryotherapy can be a minimally invasive therapy that uses Serious cold to freeze and destroy diseased tissue, which include cancer cells. In an intraoperative cryotherapy technique, tissue inside your body is treated by inserting a cryoprobe or maybe a series of small needles from the skin and delivering liquid nitrogen or argon gasoline to the website of your diseased tissue. intraoperative radiation therapy

A style of medicine accustomed to lessen blood pressure, treat chest agony and heart failure, and to stop a coronary heart assault.

Involves the gallbladder and tubular buildings known as ducts that system in the liver. Bile, a greenish-yellow fluid secreted from the liver, is saved in the gallbladder and introduced in the bowel through bile ducts to aid the smaller intestine digest fat and carry away squander.

A Unique variety of noninvasive nuclear medicine imaging that gives photos known as scintigrams on the lymphatic technique. See the Lymphoscintigraphy web site To find out more.

Cancerous cells, also referred to as a tumor, ready to expand into bordering tissue, spread to other areas of the human body and ruin usual cells. Malignant can also be a lot less generally utilised to describe other health care conditions that happen to be serious and getting to be progressively worse.

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